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Pinot Grigio Luna Cecilia Beretta 2019



Delicate and fresh, with exceptional balance, this Pinot Grigio is leagues above the rest.

Pinot Grigio Luna Cecilia Beretta 2019




The grapes for the ‘Luna’ Pinot Grigio come from the picturesque countryside surrounding Verona and Treviso in the north east of Italy. The foothills of the Alps to the north of the Veneto region protect it from the harsh weather blowing down from northern Europe, while the area remains mild but cool – ideal for the production of lively, crisp white wine styles.

The Cecilia Beretta estate was founded in the 1980s, just to the east of the famous wine village of Valpolicella. It was named after the 17th century agronomist and poet Count Giuseppe Beretta, who built the beautiful Villa in Mizzole in the heart of the estate, now surrounded by vineyards. The local Pasqua family had owned the surrounding vineyards since the 1940s, but a renewed drive for quality and a concentration on modern oenological technologies became a priority in the 1980s as competition from ‘New World’ wine producers forced traditional winemaking countries like Italy to up their game. Thus the quality-focused Cecilia Beretta winery was born. By 1998, this experimental terrain became the research centre of the local university’s Agricultural faculty. The primary objective of the family winery now is to make the highest quality wines possible from the indigenous grapes of the region.


Vineyard information

Location  Around the hilly provinces of Verona and Treviso in the northern part of Italy’s Veneto region

Climate Temperate, with cold winters and fresh summers, ideal for maintaining elegance in grapes for white wines

Soil Well-draining, calcareous and marly soils help impart a mineral character to the wine.

Philosophy Sustainable viticulture, whereby eco-friendly practices are maintained, minimising the use of chemicals in the interests of long-term biodiversity and balance in the vineyard, soils and surrounding environment.


Winemaking Details

Grape Variety 100% Pinot Grigio

Fermentation Gentle pressing followed by light maceration on the skins.  After separation of the skins from the juice, the must undergoes temperature-controlled fermentation. The wine is then left on its yeast lees and mixed daily for about one month to enhance texture. The wine is subsequently transferred into stainless steel tanks until bottling, to ensure all its aromas and flavours are preserved.


Tasting Note

Exceptional Pinot Grigio showing wonderful freshness and a subtle underlying minerality. Well-balanced on the nose and palate with grilled almonds, ripe gooseberries and a delicate citrus finish.




Name & Appellation Pinot Grigio ‘Luna’, Cecilia Beretta, Veneto, Italy
Grape Varieties 100% Pinot Grigio
Style A bright and refreshing thirst quencher. The perfect aperitif wine!
Alcohol 12%
Vineyard & Winemaking details Gentle pressing and light skin maceration for delicacy and cold fermentation to preserve aroma. Some lees ageing adds body.
Closure Natural cork
Tasting Keywords Refreshing, Light; Easy-drinking


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