Petite Gasconne Blanc Producteurs Plaimont IGP Cotes de Gascogne 2017



Blended especially for Corney & Barrow, La Petite Gasconne is an off-dry white with refreshing acidity and just the right amount of natural sweetness.

Petite Gasconne Blanc Producteurs Plaimont IGP Cotes de Gascogne 2017




Producteurs Plaimont Producteurs Plaimont are based in Gascony, in rural South West France. Producteurs Plaimont are renowned for the quality and consistency of their wines, a factor which impressed Corney & Barrow’s Buying team over 20 years ago and led to a partnership that continues to this day. In the winter after every harvest, Corney & Barrow’s buyers fly to Gascony to spend two days perfecting our house wine range with Plaimont’s skilled winemaking team, a collaborative and painstaking process that involves tasting scores of samples from which we create our final blends for the coming year.

Gascony has a rich viticultural history, but its dwindling population in the latter half of the 20th century saw villages and vineyards abandoned. This decline was reversed by André Dubosc, a local man determined to reinvigorate the area and restore its wine reputation. He brought together a group of like-minded winegrowers and founded Producteurs Plaimont in 1979. Their quality-focused approach melds respect for tradition and innovation: ancient grape varieties have been resurrected; old vineyards have been restored, divided into plots and worked individually to optimize quality; grape varieties are planted according to microclimate and soils; sustainable agricultural principles are followed in sympathy with the environment; chemical treatments are minimised; fruit is hand-harvested; and wines are made using modern techniques to preserve the  primary fruit and character of the local grapes. Gascony’s wine culture is now thriving – the countryside is carpeted with vines once more and Plaimont enjoys an international reputation for its high quality, characterful wines.


Vineyard Information

Location The Petite Gasconne vineyards are located in the Gers, a sub-region of Gascony, South-West France. Different vineyard plots are harvested and vinified separately, to offer character and complexity.

Climate The long warm summers here are tempered by cool breezes from the Pyrénéés mountains to the south, encouraging the grapes to ripen slowly and gently – the true key to quality. In addition the vineyards have a westerly exposure, sheltering them from sunburn and preserving the grapes’ pristine acidity and delicate fruit.

Soils The sand and clay-limestone soils are particularly suited to the local white grape varieties.

Harvest takes place1st/2nd week of September. Grapes are harvested by hand at dawn when temperatures are coolest, to ensure that their delicate flavours are retained.


Winemaking Details

Grape varieties are Colombard (50%) and Ugni Blanc (50%)

Fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats at low temperatures (16-18C), to maximise fruit flavours.

Maturation Lees ageing for several weeks gives body and character, softening palate texture, a process which also increases longevity. The final blend is made by Plaimont’s winemakers and Corney & Barrow’s buying team.


Tasting note

Pale lemon in colour. The nose is open and attractive with fresh citrus notes and white flowers.

The palate shows round, supple fruit while hitting the all important balance between sweetness and acidity.






Name + appellation La Petite Gasconne, IGP Côtes de Gascogne
Style Vibrant off-dry white wine with fresh zesty flavours and crisp acidities balanced by a light natural sweetness.
Grape varieties Colombard 50%; Ugni Blanc 50%
Alcohol 11%
Vineyard and winemaking Quality-focused; sustainable viticultural practice. Cool fermentation in stainless steel to preserve delicate fruit.

15g of residual sugar.

Vegetarian status Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Closure cork
Tasting key-words Off-dry, great acidity, soft fruit.


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