Chamuyo Malbec Mendoza Vineyards 2018



Mendoza Vineyards is new winery setup based in Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes and boasts an exciting, young winemaking team.

Chamuyo Malbec Mendoza Vineyards 2018




Mendoza Vineyards is new winery setup based in Mendoza in the foothills of the Andes and boasts an exciting, young winemaking team. The company ethos is to produce wines from selected vineyard parcels in the cooler zones of Mendoza to showcase the intense varietal fruit and supple textures of which Argentina is capable. The winemakers are able do this at ‘everyday’ prices as well as at the more expensive end of the scale.  Everything here is done to respect and protect the fruit: different vineyard plots are harvested by hand and vinified separately to promote purity of flavour from each site and add thus complexity when blended. Unusually for a young setup, the vines are all mature (approx 20 years old – the company bought old-established vineyards) and furthermore, are planted on their own roots, both key to the quality, fruit concentration and pure flavours of the wines.

While much of Argentina is desert and rainfall is very low, the Mendoza wine region is irrigated by snowmelt from the Andes in springtime, so is effectively an oasis, capable of supporting vines. Grapes are harvested by hand at night-time when temperatures are coolest, to ensure that the grapes’ delicate fruit flavours are retained.

Vineyard Information

Location: The Mendoza wine region, in the Andean foothills.

Climate: located in slightly cooler sub-areas, helping to mitigate Argentina’s hot summer temperatures, leading to more refined flavours and balance in the wine.

Soil: Clay and loam soil hold precious water and allow an ideal amount of drainage.

Philosophy: Sustainable approach whereby chemicals are minimized and environmentally-friendly practices used to promote the long-term health of the vineyard, its soils and the vines themselves.

Winemaking Details

Grape Variety: 100% Malbec

Fermentation: Fermentation in stainless steel gives fruit purity, with carefully selected French oak staves are used to add spice, body and texture. Lees contact including some batônnage (stirring of the lees) further increases texture and character. The wines are not fined, so they hold all their original flavour and weight.

Tasting Note

This Malbec is bright cherry red with a violet hue. It shows intense aromas of ripe, red summer fruit, herbs and subtle warm spice. The palate is medium-bodied, rounded yet fresh with soft, supple tannins.


Name & Appellation

Chamuyo Malbec, Mendoza Vineyards, Argentina

Grape Varieties

100% Malbec


An easy drinking, fruit-forward red. Great alone or with food.



Vineyard & Winemaking details

Mature, un-grafted vines and handpicked fruit promote quality and concentration. Fermentation in stainless steel gives fruit purity, while French oak staves add spice, body and texture, enhanced by lees contact. The wines are not fined, maximizing body and fruit flavour.


Natural Cork

Tasting Keywords

Silky, Fruity & Easy


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